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The sword of the gentleman, Extremely sharp Katana

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Full length: 71.5cm Blade length: 50.5cm
Handle length: 20cm Blade width: 3.2cm
Blade thickness: 0.6cm Sheath material: solid wood lacquer sheath
Handle material: one-piece steel + solid wood + non-slip rope Blade material: 7Cr17MOV (7 chromium 17 molybdenum vanadium steel)
Hardness HRC: 57-59
Weight: 1.00kg (0.85kg except for sheath)
Equipment: Alloy Handguard: Two-color copper alloy
Grinding: Thirteen fine-pass manual grinding
Heat treatment: water quenching-oil quenching
Craft: Longquan ancient method manual forging
Remarks: There are errors in manual products-the actual product shall prevail

Katana is a Japanese sword characterized by a curved, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands. True Katana offered by our site is unparalleled. These Katanas are truly inspired and unique due to the craftsmen always evolve forging processes to create various blades like Damascus steel, clay-tempered T10 high carbon steel and high manganese steel, and so on. Creating handsome display pieces for your home and office, it is also the best gift for your families and friends.

1.length may have small error; can contact us if you need customized blade lettering or other changes;
3.we are the manufacturers, many commodities are now assembled, each shipment might be slightly different.
Please understand, thank you.
The sword is produced in Longquan, China, modern production.