History Of Brand Sword

Shen Guanglong sword shop in Longquan City was founded in 1885 (Qing Guangxu), located in Longquan City, Zhejiang Province,
It is a local Chinese time-honored sword manufacturer with "son inherits father's industry" and is famous at home and abroad for "the first sword in the world".

In 1885, Shen Chaoqing (the first generation) began to professionally cast Longquan sword;

In 1894, in the 20th year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty, Shen tingzhang (the second generation), the son of Shen Chaoqing, founded the Shen Guanglong Jianpu Ren brand in Longquan City (the year of Ren Chen), the third generation Shen Huanzhou, the fourth generation Shen Xinpei, the fifth generation Shen Zhou, and the sixth generation Shen Zhongtian
Years leave traces

In 1885, Shen Chaoqing (the first generation) opened the furnace to cast Longquan sword in the 11th year of Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty;

In 1894, Shen tingzhang (the second generation), the son of Shen Chaoqing, founded Shen Guanglong sword shop in Longquan City;

In 1914, in the third year of the Republic of China, Governor Yang presided over the Longquan sword casting elite competition, and Shen tingzhang won the sword champion;

In 1915, Panama world expo won the gold medal;

In 1930, the elite of the national art circle was rated as the best sword in the Nanjing martial arts competition;

In 1942, Shen Huanzhou, Shen Huanwen and Shen Huanwu (the third generation), the sons of Shen tingzhang, cast a Longquan sword for Chiang Kai Shek;

In 1956, Shen Huanzhou and Shen Huanwu cast a Longquan sword for Mao Zedong;

In 1963, eight people, including Shen Huanzhou, Shen Huanwu, Shen Xinpei and Shen Wurong, were in Shen Guanglong sword shop, Longquan City, Xinhua street
Longquan sword production cooperative (i.e. Longquan sword factory) was established, and Shen Huanzhou was the first director;

In 1972, Shen Xinpei (the fourth generation), son of Shen Huan Zhou, forged a Longquan sword for US President Nixon;

In 1979, Shen Xinpei was received by chairman Deng Xiaoping and other major national leaders for a group photo;

In 1983, Shen Guanglong Jianpu of Longquan City moved to the new site Dasha;

In 1991, Shen Xinpei was rated as a master of Arts and crafts in Zhejiang Province;

In 1993, Sun Moon heaven and earth sword and sun moon heaven and earth knife won the national invention patent right;Sun Moon heaven and earth sword, Sun Moon heaven and earth sword and folk martial arts sword won the Gold Award in the first China martial arts equipment review conference;

In 1996, the sun moon heaven and earth sword and knife were designated as the designated instruments of the Chinese Wushu Championship;

In 1998, Shen Guanglong sword shop was rated as a time-honored Chinese brand by the Ministry of domestic trade;

In 2004, the "Xuanwen sword" was successfully developed, which filled a gap in the pattern sword in China;

In 2005, Xi Jinping came to inspect my sword shop. Shen Xinpei and his son Shen Zhou (the fifth generation) cast a sword for Xi Jinping.

In 2007, Longquan sword forging technology became the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage; Shen Guanglong Jianpu is the project protection unit;
Shen Guanglong sword shop and Shen Xinpei in Longquan City are named as Longquan sword, a national intangible cultural heritage project
A representative inheritor of forging skills, he won the "lifelong artistic achievement award" issued by the government in the same year;

In 2008, Shen Xinpei cast a "Xuanwu sword" for the king of the Sultanate of Oman;

In 2009, Shen Zhou made a "heaven and earth sword" for Hu Jintao“ "Military soul sword" was collected by the Central Military Commission;

In 2010, Shen Zhongtian (the sixth generation), the son of Shen Guanglong Jianpu and Shen Zhou, was born;

In 2011, the "dragon sword" cast by Shen Zhou was collected by China Arts and Crafts Museum;Shen Zhou forged a heaven and earth sword for Wang Hanbin, former vice chairman of the National People's Congress.

In 2012, Shen Xinpei was rated as a master of Chinese arts and crafts; Shenzhou was awarded as the inheritor of "intangible cultural heritage" in Lishui City, Zhejiang Province;

In 2013, Shen Zhou cast a "gentleman's sword" for Wang Zhaoguo, vice chairman of the National People's Congress;"Taiji Sword" created by Shen Zhou won the special prize of the third China Zhejiang Arts and crafts Expo;Longquan shenguanglong sword shop sword casting Park was completed.

Since 1942, the sword set up by Shen Guanglong's sword shop in Longquan has successively been led by Jiang Jieshi, Chairman Mao, Nixon, Xi Jinping, Hu Jintao, Li Tieying, Wang Zhaoguo, Wang Zhaoguo, king of Sultan, Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong, Macao, China and other foreign countries. Liu Xiaoqing and other celebrities.

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