Super many ancient and modern celebrity collections

Super many ancient and modern celebrity collections

Shen Guanglong's sword has been collected by Jiang Jieshi, Chairman Mao, Nixon, Li Tieying, Xi Jinping, Hu Jintao, Oman, king of Sultan, Oman, Hui, Hui, Han, and so on. The rough process of sword casting for more than a century has not changed Shen Guanglong's pursuit and dedication to sword casting skills, which can be described as the rolling fire and the sound of hammering. This is the soul love of Shen Guanglong sword shop's five generations. Today, the fourth and fifth generations of leaders have completed the construction of a demonstration base for the inheritance of Longquan sword forging skills, and at the same time have opened up a new business of Japanese samurai sword forging, casting another brilliant tomorrow of Shen Guanglong sword shop.

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