Shen Guanglong

China Time-honored Brand & China Intangible Cultural Heritage

The most famous sword in China is undoubtedly the Longquan Sword. According to historical records, it was the first iron sword, forged about 2,600 years ago by Ou Yezii, the great sword making master. Prior to that, swords had been made of bronze, while Ou was the person that figured out the method of smelting pig iron and forging it into a sword. Swords produced here are all called Longquan Swords.

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    Jet Li

    The World's kung fu superstar Jet Li has been associated with swords in a number of film and television productions, including "Hero" and "The Legend of the Swordsman". Mr. Li was impressed and praised the Chinese Longquan swords, and collected a "Han Wu sword" made by the "China Time-honored Brand" Shen Guanglong.

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    Jack Ma

    Chinese Famous Entrepreneurs Mr. Ma collected one of Master Shen Zhou's works "XUAN WU Sword" in 2009, and in the same year, the work was listed as a gold medal in the first National Protection List of China's Intangible Cultural Heritage - Fine Arts Exhibition of Traditional Handicrafts.

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    Stephen Curry

    NBA Basketball Superstars Mr. Curry is very passionate about Chinese culture. During his visit to Longquan, China, Mr. Curry commented:"Chinese Treasure Sword pretty nice and amazing, and Chinese martial arts culture is vast and profound."

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